SAE Supports the International Automotive Engineering Conference (IAEC)

Recently, SAE International partnered with the Turkish Auto Industry to provide support for the International Automotive Engineering Conference (IAEC) in Istanbul, Turkey.

The event was organized to help develop engineering activities, help spur cooperation among universities and industry, and provide alternative sources of information about relevant engineering issues.

Cuneyt Oge, SAE President, attended the event, and said it was an important first step in SAE’s collaboration with the professionals and companies who comprise Turkey’s automotive industry.

“We wanted to work closely with the Turkish Automotive Industry, including the many OEMs and suppliers,” Oge said. “This was an outstanding and very well-attended event that provided value to a wide range of attendees, from students to seasoned professionals.”

Approximately 480 people registered for the two-day event. The first day focused on “light-weighting,” important for improving fuel economy and reducing carbon pollution. The second day focused on Automotive Engineering Education and what how it can keep up with the fast-changing technologies. More than half of the participants were from the automotive industry, 23 percent of attendees were from universities and educational institutions, and 13 percent were from public enterprises and non-governmental organizations.

Oge said plans are underway to continue the IAEC in the future, with SAE International continuing to provide support.

“The Turkish automotive industry is an important part of the world’s automotive industry, exporting some 75% of its production” Oge said. 13 OEMs manufacture vehicles in Turkey; and they have a total capacity of about 2 million vehicles. Most importantly, their engineering standards are on par with other regions of the world as evidenced in the exports of vehicles and components, worldwide. We look forward to working with our friends in Turkey for many years to come.”