Intrusion Points for Hackers Growing
Intrusion Points for Hackers Growing

As new vehicles become more and more connected to the internet, to other cars, and to the road infrastructure, the number of potential intrusion points for hackers is growing fast.

This, of course, leads to the creation of new vehicle cybersecurity products. Some are modules that tie into the controller area network, which connects the various electronic control units (ECUs) in a vehicle. Others are being embedded into existing ECUs.

Watch this episode of SAE Eye on Engineering entitled OTA Cyber firmware to gain a deeper understanding of the new vehicle cybersecurity products being developed.

SAE Eye on Engineering: OTA Cyber firmware

And, because increasing threats, broader use of technology, and customer expectations require a holistic cybersecurity strategy including quick response methods, learn more about SAE J3061—the world’s first standard on automotive cybersecurity.