Autonomous Vehicle Predictions
“Getting Real About Self-Driving Cars” - AutoBeat Daily's Bill Hampton interviews Michigan Economic Development Corp.'s Senior Vice President of Automotive Kevin Kerrigan.
Autonomous Vehicle Predictions

Are connected cars and autonomous vehicles right around the corner, or are there more hurdles than we realize?
In this AutoBeat Daily interview with Kevin Kerrigan, Senior Vice President of Automotive at the Michigan Economic Development Corp., topics of discussion include:

• The need for more details before deployment on roads
• The importance of safety
• The timeframe needed to reach full autonomy
• And more, including the importance of standards and technology coming together


And, as Kerrigan mentioned in the video, SAE International knows the importance of standards, and is actively involved in the development of standards specific to advancing connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and intelligent transportation systems. You can find out more by downloading this free 3-part infographic series on the foundational standards needed for the commercialization of connected transportation now.