Vehicle Health Management Updates
Vehicle Health Management Updates

An end-to-end capability that transforms system data into operational support information, Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) and related standards allow for the analysis and diagnosis of a vehicle and the understanding of how a failed structure or piece of equipment impacts the vehicle’s overall health.

IVHM is the first holistic and systematic approach to vehicle health management. It was only recently introduced by SAE International whose health management expertise in such aerospace systems as aircraft structures, propulsion systems, and landing gears as well as additional expertise in prognostics and fiber optic sensors made it a natural step for the development of these enabling standards.

And while IVHM’s roots are in aerospace, changing vehicle design and transforming organizations’ manufacturing and operations, it is also rapidly being implemented in the ground vehicle and marine craft industry, enhancing vehicle safety and reliability as well as extending product life with maintenance and fleet management benefits.

At the Advanced Engineering event this past November in the UK, David Alexander, SAE Europe Aerospace Standards Manager, presented an update on this evolving body of standards to enable IVHM technology and its development. You can download that update here. (attached pf)

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