Digital Data, Patents Indicated Connected Vehicles Here to Stay
Digital Data, Patents Indicate Connected Vehicles Here to Stay

We know connectivity is all the talk in the automotive industry. Well, for any industry for that matter (Think: IoT—the Internet of Things).

An interesting way to see if something is a trend or a true paradigm shift is by doing patent and altmetric forecasts. The number of patents filed related to a particular area of technology can provide that insight as can altmetrics.

According to the University of Chicago, altmetrics is an emerging category of impact measurement premised upon the value of “alternative metrics,” or metrics based distinctly on the opportunities offered by the 21st century digital environment. Altmetrics may be defined as “non-traditional metrics proposed as an alternative to more traditional citation impact metrics, such as impact factor.” In the context of scientific publishing, altmetrics most often are applied as article level metrics, and measure the impact of an article by how many mentions appear in social media (Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, blogs, etc.) or in the news media, how often the article is viewed or downloaded, or how many times it is saved or bookmarked.

SAE International, the world’s largest publisher of mobility technical information, takes a look at connected vehicle technology and the ever growing concern of cybersecurity through the lens of patents and altmetrics. And what is found is a very sunny forecast for years to come.

SAE Patent and Altmetric Technology Forecast Diagram

Infographic by Ashleigh N. Faith, Ontology Engineer, SAE International Taxonomy/Knowledge Management