Value In, Value Out - Cuneyt Oge, SAE 2016 President
Value In, Value Out

SAE Update asked incoming President Cuneyt Oge to comment on the value of SAE Membership. Here is what he had to say:

“The philosophy that I’ve always believed in is, you get as much out of an endeavor as you put into it. So to SAE Members who are looking to the future, I say: The more you can put into this organization, the more good you will do for society in promoting mobility engineering, sharing knowledge, and creating new intellectual property that can benefit the world. And you will also be doing yourself a favor because you will be interacting with engineers from around the world, you will be learning from them, and you will become a better engineer. So I would encourage everyone to continue their SAE Membership and get involved, contribute, and benefit from it I welcome your inputs on what I can do to help. Write me at”