Today’s emissions challenges improved with yesterday’s standards?
Today’s Emissions Issues Improved with Yesterday’s Standards?

In the quest to increase vehicle efficiency and lower emissions today, Don Smolenski, an Evonik Oil Additives’ OEM liaison manager, wonders if fuel economy could in fact be hiding in SAE J300—a standard dating back to 1911.

Smolenski, who has been developing engine oil tests and specifications for more than 30 years, explores this possibility and the standard for defining the viscosity grade of vehicle engine oils in an article appearing in the March 2015 issue of Lubes ‘N Greases magazine.

See what he has to say about the fuel consumption differences conventional and very high viscosity index (VI) grade oils. Then, when done, stop back for these five quick-read emission reduction solutions recently featured on the SAE website.


Five quick reads on technologies for emission reduction

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Bosch developing new water-injection system for production engines

Injecting a sense of urgency to clean up diesels

New technology for exhausting jobs

Tenneco unveils emission-control solutions for Euro 6c


The following resources, also found on the SAE website, can further help you in developing greener vehicles:

Ground Vehicle Emissions Standards Subscription

Guidelines for the improved monitoring of vehicle pollutants; SAE standards address the increasingly stringent emissions standards established by the government to reduce air pollution.

Topics include:

•   Test Procedure for the Measurement of Gaseous Exhaust Emissions from Small Utility Engines

•   Guide to Manifold Absolute Pressure Transducer Representative Test Method

•   Instrumentation and Techniques for Exhaust Gas Emissions Measurement

•   Recommended Practice for Measuring Fuel Economy and Emissions of Hybrid-Electric and Conventional Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Diesel Engines Technology Technical Paper Subscription

SAE Technical Papers covering 20+ years of global applied research, development, and applications in the field of diesel engines; 4,600+ papers cover: engine design and modeling.

Alternative Fuels Collection

SAE technical papers, standards, and e-books covering alternative fuels, including compressed natural gas, hydrogen fuel cells, and biodiesel.